The Tale of the 3 Brothers.

Your home learning English unit will be based upon ‘The Tale of The 3 Brothers.’ This is a tale from the Harry Potter series. Using this unit, you will write a narrative poem from the youngest brother’s  point of view. You have written a narrative poem before – ‘The Highwayman’.

Task one – The Tale of the Three Brothers.

Read the extract of ‘The Tale of the 3 Brothers’ form Harry Potter’.

  • What kind of story is this?
  • Does the story remind you of any others that you are familiar with?
  • Why might this story be told to young witches and wizards?

Google search – ‘The Literacy Shed – The Tale of the 3 Brothers’.

Watch the animation of ‘The Tale of the 3 Brothers’.

  • Do you think that the film makers portrayed the tale well?
  • How did it differ to the text?
  • Does it match how you imagined it?
  • Why do you think that the film makers chose to use a shadow puppet animation to tell the tale?


Your task is to create a story map from the perspective of the youngest brother.

  • What would the youngest brother’s point of view be?
  • What would he see?
  • How might he be feeling?

Your story map will be the building blocks of your narrative poem. You do not need to write sentences on your story map, but you must be able to explain your map to your grownups.


Can you note down adverbs (using a thesaurus) for each of the youngest brother’s actions (e.g. waiting eagerly, witnessing furiously etc.) to best convey his point of view at each plot point.