Welcome to Pearl Hyde Community Primary School

A very warm welcome to Pearl Hyde Community Primary School website, with an Ofsted rating of GOOD, a place…

Where learning is collaborative and builds friendships and teams
Where learning awakens curiosity and sparks imagination
Where learning is forward thinking and builds on experiencies
Where learning is seen beyond the walls of the classroom
Where learning creatively makes use of technology
Where learning provides opportunities
Where learning leads to success
Where learning is fun!

Why Pearl Hyde?

Our school was built in 1974 and has served the surrounding community ever since.

Pearl Hyde MBE became a Labour Councillor in 1939 and stood in the Walsgrave Ward of Coventry for 18 years. She became a senior member of the City Council and was Chairman of several of important committees. In 1957 she became the first Lady Lord Mayor of Coventry and requested that her daughter-in-law, Betty Hyde, was her Lady Mayoress.

During the Second World War she was the organiser of the Coventry WRVS, arranging food and shelter for people who had lost their homes during the Blitz.

Sadly Pearl Hyde was killed in a motoring accident in Scotland in 1963. In her memory our school, and a canal boat, are named after her.

Our school has 315 children on roll which we organise into 10 classes. We work hard to provide a stimulating environment which invites enquiry to make sure every child is able to access the fabulous learning opportunities available to them.

We are immensely proud of the environment and opportunities we provide for the children in our school. We hope you support our passion for fostering our young people’s desire to aim high and to achieve the very best they can in all they do.