At Pearl Hyde Community Primary School we expect all children to take pride in their appearance and all arrive for school smartly dressed in their uniform. We believe a uniform helps to establish a strong group identity and purposeful learning environment.

Winter Uniform

  • Navy blue sweatshirt/sweat cardigan with school logo
  • Sky blue polo shirt, white blouse with or without school logo
  • Black or dark grey trousers/skirt/pinafore dress
  • Navy blue fleece with school logo (optional)
  • Grey, white or black socks or tights
  • Navy coats with logo (optional)

During the colder months please ensure your child has a warm, waterproof coat, gloves, hat and scarf.

Summer Uniform

As above with the option of -

  • Sky blue checked summer dress (girls)
  • Black or dark grey school shorts
  • School polo shirt (boys)

Footware, Jewellery, Hair

  • Sensible black footwear – black trainer style shoes are permitted ( trainers with obvious bright logos, brightly coloured laces and fashion boots for girls are not permitted ) If your child is unable to tie laces please provide them with footwear with a Velcro fastening
  • Open sandals are not permitted in the summer
  • Jewellery or make-up is not permitted with the exception of a watch; children with pierced ears may wear one sleeper or stud in the lobe of each ear. Exceptions will be made for those pupils who have to wear religious adornments as long as it adheres to the health and safety policy
  • Parents are asked to ensure children’s hair styles are appropriate for school. Extremes of hairstyle including bright colours, tramlines and shaved heads are not permitted.
  • For safety reasons all long hair needs to be tied back with a blue or black bobble. Plain black or blue headbands may also be worn.

PE Kit

  • Dark blue or black shorts
  • Round necked plain white or plain sky blue T Shirt
  • Black plimsolls or suitable trainers ( trainers with obvious bright logos are not permitted as stated earlier in the policy) If your child is unable to tie laces please provide them with pumps/trainers with a Velcro fastening
  • A plain sky blue or black tracksuit may be worn during the winter months for outdoor work (optional)
  • A change of socks will also be needed

Children will need to bring their PE kit to school EVERYDAY in a named drawstring bag. At times when working in the hall children may work in bare feet. We ask that children do not wear ear-rings to school on the days they have PE. Children will also need to remove their watches before a PE lesson; school can take no responsibility should the watches be mislaid. As the policy states for safety reasons long hair must be tied back.

Parents/carers of all children are asked to ensure that all clothing is named so that lost items can be quickly returned to their owner!

Uniform Suppliers

School uniform can be purchased from:

Cat Ballou Originals
1-3 The Burges
CV 1 1HN
Telephone – 02476555499
Email –
Order online from

The school stocks book bags priced at £4.50 each and PE bags priced at £2.50 each.

We very much appreciate parents and carers’ support in ensuring children arrive smartly dressed in their appropriate school uniform and thank you in advance for this.

Non-School Uniform Birthdays

Children are allowed to wear non-school uniform if their birthday falls on a school day. Children who have a birthday over the weekend or holiday can wear their own clothes either on the Friday before or Monday after the weekend/holiday.